Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to questions you may have. If you have further questions, please contact us and we'd be happy to answer them for you.


  • How long will repairs take?

    We try to get your MacBook back in your hands as quickly as possible, but liquid-spill repairs can take up to ten business days. We want to make sure your MacBook will work perfectly when our repair is complete. In the time your MacBook is in our care, it will actually go through several rounds of testing: before, during, and after repair. This helps us ensure you experience the peerless level of quality we’re known for. Sometimes during our thorough testing, we discover additional symptoms requiring repair that weren’t mentioned in the original repair request. (Don’t worry: there are no hidden fees in our flat-rate repair.) Every liquid spill is different. Several factors impact the speed of your repair, including the severity of the liquid damage. If your repair is particularly urgent, please let us know and we’ll see if there’s any way to make it go more quickly.

  • What are you able to fix?

    We fix any liquid spill there is on recent MacBooks, MacBook Airs, and MacBook Pros.

    It doesn’t matter whether the damage is from water, soda, coffee or wine. We’ll make your MacBook work like new again.

    Believe it or not, our repairs are good even for the most extreme cases. One of our customers’ computers was left outside in the rain for two nights. Now, it’s good as new. Another customer dropped his MacBook in a swimming pool. The entire computer was submerged. After our repair, it’s now in perfect condition.

    We cannot fix machines from before 2008, or older MacBook Pros with silver keyboards, as the costs would be prohibitive.

  • What happens to my documents and personal data?

    In most liquid spills, your personal files are not affected. The hard drive or SSD (the component that stores your data) is a separate component from the rest of the computer, and it’s usually not affected by liquid spills. Our repair focuses on the computer itself, not the data on your hard drive. We test your hard drive to make sure it’s performing normally, but we don’t rifle through your data.

  • What does the warranty cover?

    Our 90-day warranty covers any failures that arise after the repair. This covers the entire computer, even components that we didn't repair. Our repair warranty does not cover accidental damage, so please try to avoid physical damage (like from a fall or a hit) and please avoid another liquid spill. If you do sustain accidental damage after our repair, please contact us and we'll make an effort to give you any discount that we can.

  • How does your service compare to Apple’s?

    Our Certified Technicians not only have lots of experience with Apple equipment, but we are a third-party and non-affiliated with Apple. LiquidSpill.comsm holds itself to the same high quality standards as Apple…sometimes even higher. We offer the same 90-day warranty that Apple offers. Where we differ is that our honest, flat-rate pricing is 22% less than Apple's and we deliver top-notch customer service. And unless you're in Kansas, you won't pay sales tax on top.


  • How much will it cost?

    Our flat-rate repair pricing is straightforward, with no hidden fees. The Pricing page will tell you, based on your model of MacBook, precisely what your grand total will be. Our prices include both parts and labor. We know that liquid can get everywhere inside a computer, so we don’t “nickel and dime” you when we find additional parts damaged by the spill. Our prices are 20% to 35% less than “competitors,” whose service quality and commitment aren’t even in the same league as ours. Our liquid-spill repairs are smart and cost effective. With us, your final bill will never be uncomfortably close to the price of a new MacBook. And unless you're in Kansas, you won't pay sales tax on top. There are never any hidden fees.

  • Are there hidden fees?

    Absolutely not. We believe in a painless repair process, so our prices are straightforward and all-inclusive. Everything for your liquid spill repair—including parts, labor, and even FedEx Express service—is included. Our prices include both parts and labor. We know that liquid can get everywhere inside a computer, so we don’t “nickel and dime” you when we find additional parts damaged by the spill. If your MacBook has problems that aren’t related to liquid damage, like a broken screen or severe case denting, please see the next question.

  • What if my MacBook has multiple problems?

    Even if your MacBook has other miscellaneous problems, they’ll almost certainly be covered in our flat-rate repair. For example, if your CD/DVD drive, hard drive, keyboard, or trackpad is acting up, it will be replaced at no extra cost.

    There are only a few things that aren’t covered by our flat rates:

    • Accidental damage unrelated to a liquid spill. (For example, a cracked display screen or a dented body.)
    • Internal damage from a previous repair attempt. (For example, broken connectors.)
    • Specialized clean-room data recovery. (For unusual cases in which the hard drive failed.)
    • Software troubleshooting unrelated to a liquid spill.
    • Aftermarket parts.

    We also offer repairs for accidental damage unrelated to a liquid spill. Please contact us for a price quote.

  • How and when do I pay?

    If you don’t prepay online through our Pricing page, we’ll accept payment once the repair is complete: we can even give you a call and accept payment over the phone. If you’re not always near your phone, you might choose to prepay to avoid delays. We accept all major credit cards. We also accept payment online via PayPal.

  • If I am outside of the United States, do I pay more?

      Sorry, but we do not offer international repair services at this time.


  • Is my MacBook safe in shipping?

    Yes. We only use FedEx Express, the same fast and reliable service that Apple uses. We even provide a specially designed box that will keep your MacBook safe if you require it. You can also purchase a fully protected laptop shipper at any FedEx Office location for around $10. Not only will your MacBook work perfectly again after your repair, you’ll receive it in the same cosmetic condition (or better) as when you sent it. If you need more of an assurance, we also have full shipping insurance. It's good. It's expensive. We hope we never have to use it, but it's there. Contact us if you have further concerns or if you think you may need to start a shipping claim.

  • How do send in my MacBook internationally, outside of the United States?

    Sorry, but we do not offer international repair outside of the U.S. at this time.

  • Am I too far away?

    Nope. We help customers in all fifty states—even Alaska and Hawaii.

  • Can I drop my MacBook off at a physical location?

    Yes. We have one location in Olathe, KS. Or, there are more than 1,800 FedEx Office locations nationwide. If you contact us, we can set up your repair with any one of these locations.